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The Journal of Bioethical Inquiry is pleased to announce a special issue on Collective representation in health care policy.

Karin Jongsma, PhD (University Medical Centre Göttingen), Nitzan Rimon-Zarfaty, PhD (University Medical Centre Göttingen and Ben-Gurion University), Prof.Dr Aviad Raz (Ben-Gurion University), Prof.Dr Silke Schicktanz (University Medical Centre Göttingen) will serve as Guest Editors for the issue.

In this special issue we intend to address ethical, sociological and normative-political questions concerning the assumption that patient organizations (POs) represent a collective of affected persons and scrutinize justifications given to advocacy by non-patients. PO serves here as umbrella term and includes different forms of advocacy and self-advocay.

Case studies

We invite empirical case studies as well as theoretical, conceptual papers from sociology, medical ethics, political sciences and political philosophy, disability studies and organizational studies and are particularly interested in research on the following questions:


As a general guideline, manuscripts should be under 4000 words excluding references (Tables and figures can be printed and will be included in the word count at a rate of 375 words per half page) .

The deadline for submissions is 01 August 2017. Presubmission requests can be send to Karin Jongsma.

Manuscripts should be submitted here and should conform to the Journal of Bioethical Inquiry’s style and referencing guide.

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