Meet & Greet internationale zorgethici

Heb jij altijd al eens naar de main concern van bekende internationale zorgethici willen vragen? Dit is je kans! Twaalf prominente zorgethici, waaronder Joan Tronto en Maurice Hamington, komen naar de UvH! Op donderdag 8…

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Joan Tronto


What Trump’s election means for caring democracy

From this perspective, it becomes easier to see that people who voted for Trump did so, in part, because they thought their needs for care were being ignored. This article – The meaning of…

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Care Ethics in precarious times

The recent United States Presidential Election have drastically increased the sense of precarity for many individuals resulting in protest and unrest. This article is Part I – US elections and its backdrop: precarity and fear – of…

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University Surrey


What’s in a name? A Care Ethics conference experience

At the 1st International Care Ethics (ICE) Observatory, fused with the 16th Nursing Ethics Conference, we, as care ethical scholars, found ourselves being caught in our own world view. Fully endorsing the care ethical…

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Nieuw boek Joan Tronto: Caring Democracy. Markets, equality and Justice

The long awaited new book of Joan Tronto was released on April 12th, 2013. Book Description Americans now face a caring deficit: there are simply too many demands on people’s time for us to…

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