Through art we care symposium

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through art we care
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Date(s) - 28/02/2019
09:00 - 16:00

Fine Arts Museums Brussels


Through Art We Care’ is an inspirational month where art meets healthcare and back…

On February 28th, IN/FINITY, KMSKB and VUB host an international conference on innovative and inclusive practices in arts and health for professional art and health workers and researchers. In the morning various keynote speakers will give an overview of current state of the field, its discourse, methodologies and good practices. In the afternoon we will open up the debate with thematic inspiration tables that each address a key question/topic that is very actual/relevant in the arts and health field.

Up until today, the arts and health debate has mainly been held within the medical field. With this inspiration day we want to open the conversation more to the arts field. International keynote speakers such as Norma Daykin, Anna Ledgard, Julie Rodeyns, Mari Linnman, Nigel Hartley and the ‘Made to Measure’ initiative will give an overview of the current field and discourse. In the afternoon we invite the professional participants to also share their ideas in various thematic dialogue tables.
After the symposium there will be an opportunity to attend the opening of the ‘through art we care’ exhibition with an informal drink, performances, interventions, talks…

The morning program is open to everyone while the afternoon program has limited availability and is mainly aimed at professionals who are already active within the ‘arts and health’ field.
In the afternoon we will host 2 sessions of 50 minutes with each 9 thematic dialogue tables everyone can join. The results and ideas raised during those sessions will be published in an informal publication that will be shared with the larger community.

Download the symposium brochure or visit for more information and registration.