Symposium: The Art of Listening and Deaccelerating our Way of Life

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art of listening
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Date(s) - 30/01/2019
12:00 - 18:30

Universiteit voor Humanistiek


The University of Humanistic Studies organises a symposium the 30th of January, following the 30th Dies ceremony of the 29th. During the Dies ceremony three highly esteemed scholars will be awarded honorary doctoral degrees.

The honorary doctors will speak about their take on The Art of Listening and Deaccelerating our Way of Life. After their lectures, you can take part in a discussion with the honorary doctor of your choice in one of the three workshops in which their lectures will be discussed more in depth.​

The Art of Listening and Deaccelerating our Way of Life

The honorary doctors George Fitchett, Philip Kitcher and Hartmut Rosa are united in the basic premise that an ‘openness to the other’ should be seen as the ethical core of (all) human relationships, whereby the art of listening might be viewed as a fundamental condition of humaneness.

Read more about George Fitchett, Philip Kitcher and Hartmut Rosa here.

This however raises the question how much listening our modern, complex society allows for. Does it really meet such conditions of humaneness? And is the art of listening compatible with modern society’s dominant tendencies which favor efficiency and quick, measurable and evidence-based solutions?

Does increased time pressure even permit new practices of listening? And should our institutions and organizations be changed to allow for more room for the art of listening?


12:00  Lunch

13:00  Lecture Philip Kitcher

13:30 Q&A and change of speakers

13:40 Lecture George Fitchett

14:10 Q&A and change of speakers

14:20 Lecture Harmut Rosa

14:50 Q&A and conclusion

15:00 Break, refreshments

15:30 Three Concurrent Workshops, each with one of the honorary doctors

16:45 Plenary discussion

17:30 Drinks