sTimul expert seminar: Exposure and care ethics

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sTimul Zorgethisch lab
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Date(s) - 08/09/2016 - 09/09/2016
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Het Notenhof/AZ Groeninge Meetingcenter


Exposure and care ethics: experience as an instrument to enhance care ethical practice.
sTimul Care Ethics Lab Belgium is pleased to invite you to its first international expert seminar.

sTimul, as a care ethics lab, is dedicated to increase the care-ethical value of care received in different (health) care settings. In particular but not exclusively for elderly patients. sTimul conducts experiments to learn about what can foster good care and organizes developmental activities for care givers to deepen their understanding and increase their commitment in a way that does justice to the care receiver. Care ethics, as developed from the ideas of Gilligan, Tronto, van Heijst and others is at the basis of sTimul’s activities. Exposure experiences as conceived in Baart’s Theory of Presence are an important element in the work of sTimul.


In Baart’s Presence Theory, a theory of care-ethical practice for welfare and health, exposure is a crucial concept. For Baart, exposure to the life world of the care receivers is an essential phase in the preparation for care-ethical practice. It creates the conditions for building relationships and acquiring the attitude this type of practice requires. Exposure is a process that takes place in the one undergoing the exposure, and influences her/his way of looking and seeing, his/her being, and his/her practice.

Exposure can take different forms. Apart from real sharing in the lives of the (future) care receivers, there are other ways to enhance the receptivity for and the commitment to the needs of the care receivers. The sTimul exposure sessions, in which professional caregivers take the place of a patient during one and a half day in a simulated environment, is an example, but only one example.

This seminar is about (research into) the different forms of organized experiences designed to enhance caregivers’ competencies to give care in a care-ethical way.

Research outcomes of exposure experiences

Central to the seminar is the question how the process and the outcomes of exposure experiences can be researched.  Further, the seminar also wants to address important topics in understanding the exposure experience, e.g. how exposure experiences contribute to the development of care-ethical competencies, what conditions apply for exposure experiences to lead to real changes in practice, and what the conditions are for an experience to count as an exposure. The seminar seeks to have in depth discussion of the issues. The aim is not simply to present research but to take knowledge further by exchange and discussions.  At least half of the seminar will be dedicated to discussion. Prof. Baart will be among the participants, and will explain the concept of exposure at the start of the seminar.


The organizers of the seminar invite colleagues to apply for participation. Colleagues are eligible if they can make a contribution to the discussion of the topic of exposure, based on their own research or scholarship. Those who would like to participate are asked to apply before 01/06/2016 and clarify what they could contribute.
Given the limited places – the aim is to have in depth discussion – the seminar organizers will make a choice based on the applications and the possibilities to make a coherent programme. Applicants will be informed about whether they can participate no later than 16/06/16. Participation is free of charge, dinner and lunch are included.


The seminar takes place in Kortrijk, Belgium from 8 September (9h30) until 9 September (17h).  The seminar language is English.
Participants are to arrange and pay for their own travel and accommodation. There is a hotel near the seminar venue. The (preliminary) programme will appear on the website.
Download here the prelimenary programme and application form.

For more information you can contact:  Mrs.  Nele Janssens, staff member of sTimul or Mrs. Griet  Porte, administrative assistant.